Acrylic Roving - 1 lb bump Charcoal  ***SOLD OUT***

Acrylic Roving - 1 lb bump Charcoal ***SOLD OUT***

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100% unspun acrylic roving. Unlike wool, this yarn won't shed or itch, and gets better with time. For jumbo knit blankets, scarves, or spinning.

This listing is for 1lb. Enough to make a 12”x12” floor cushion or a cute chunky hat.

Here is a general guide for how much yarn you’ll need for the following projects 

Floor cushion 12 x 12 inches - approx 1lb

Knit Hat - approx 1lb

Knit scarf or cowl - approx 2lb

Blanket 30 x 50 inches — approx 4lbs

Blanket 48 x 48 inches — approx 6.5lbs

Blanket 58 x 58 inches — approx 9lbs

Blanket 64 x 80 inches — approx 13lbs

Please indicate number of pounds you need at checkout. Your requested weight will come as a single bump, up to 15 lbs.

*****A note about working with roving*****
This is un-spun roving. Working with any un-spun roving is likely to shed. If you are using this material to do jumbo/ extreme knitting or crochet please take care with how you handle this yarn. Do not pull to hard when unraveling or the yarn will break ( not a big deal, its easily fixed). This un-spun material will also pill a little. you can easily remove those pieces by picking them off.
extreme knitting is super fun, Just remember you're working with a material that is meant for spinning yarn and is fragile

If you have any questions regarding this gorgeous roving, or need to discuss a custom amount, don't hesitate to email us!