6 skein fade on Little Sister

6 skein fade on Little Sister

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This is a 6 skein custom fade  beautiful for a summer/ fall shawl or sweater.

Colorways from left to right are as follows;

Hyper Color 

Smashed Berries 


Fairy Floss

Dried Flowers 

Grass Seed 

All colorways are on our Little Sister Yarn base

Fingering Single Ply 

100% SW Merino

115 gm per skein

Approx. 435 yards

Gauge 7-8 stitches/ inch

Needle Size US 0-3


Made with love in Chicago, IL

Fuzz Family yarn is dyed in small batches of 2-4 skeins per lot. If using more than one skein per color way, its highly recommended that you alternate skeins every 3-5 rows. 

We take great care in rinsing skeins thoroughly. Some bleeding may occur when first washing your knits (specifically with deep reds, purples and blacks). 

We recommend always washing your knits by hand in cool water with a high quality wool wash EVEN if using a super wash.